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Stepper motor controller

Stepper motor controller with a micro gait. Gait size can be adjusted
with the component in the card. Controller can be driven by external gaits optoisolator,
or by internal oscillator, that is controlled by a chain register.
Stepper motor controller works with 24VDC voltage. Circuit board costs 1€.
As interface you can use motherboard rack or screwcons.
Media player

Liiketunnistin_MP_soitin-650 A media player controllable with a motion detector(PIR) or with a external trigger.
Motion detectors range can be adjusted to the wanted area. When the motion detector
is triggered for example by a walking person and the media will start playing.
The external trigger can be controlled by a potential free switch.
Power supply 5VDC (USB power). Usable only in dry environments for example in stores, public premises, museums etc. Media is OGG format compatible.